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Address : 5 Harpenden Road,
St Albans. Hertfordshire.
Telephone : 01727 811 116
Opening Hours : Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Parents Comments

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of our little bundle from 4 months to 2 years 4 month. She loves Wainscot and had been so happy there – we could not have asked or wished for more.
(Larkin 2015)

Thank you all so much for the caring environment you’ve provided for both C and S over the past 6 and a half years. They have loved attending your nursery and thrived in the environment you provide.
(Nicholson 2015)

Thank you all so much for taking care of O and L – We couldn’t have found a better nursery. O had really flourished under your care and we really do feel that he’s going to have such a great start at school thanks to your wonderful teaching.
(Maurer 2015)

Well, here we are – 3 years ago, E joined you as a toddler. She couldn’t walk, and she liked to eat her toy cuddly hippo. Now she can run and climb, she can write her own name, count to 20 and beyond and she enjoys a wide and healthy range of foods. She is a confident, content, socially adept little girl, ready to go to school. Thank you so much for all you have done for her, and for all the cuddles.
(Poynton 2014)

F had blossomed during her time as Wainscot and the care provided has been outstanding. A special thank you to the staff in her room and the leadership team for managing Wainscot and being so delightful and helpful as always.
(McCluskey 2013)

Thank you very, very much for looking after our girls so well. They have had such a happy time with you all. Wainscot is a fantastic place! Randall
(June 2013)

In the last 3 years I cannot fault the care and attention that you have given our daughter – she has been loved, cherished, challenged and developed. I know that she will miss being part of wainscot everyday life – but I also know that’s she will take so much of what she has experienced and learned with you, with her as she starts her school life. Thank you so much for all you do – and for the wonderful environment that you all create.
(Elston-Smith 2013)

Both our children have loved their time at Wainscot House and developed wonderful friendships and bonds with other children & staff. Wainscot House will always be part of our children’s early childhood memories.
(Tait 2013)

A poem from the Brady children: You helped me laugh, you dried my tears, because of you I have no fears. Together we live, together we grow, you taught me things I need to know. You came into my life and I was blessed. I love you Wainscot, you are the best! Release my hand and say goodbye, please my friends, don’t you cry. I promise you this; it’s not over yet because, lovely Wainscot, I’ll never forget!
(Brady 2013)