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Address : 5 Harpenden Road,
St Albans. Hertfordshire.
Telephone : 01727 811 116
Opening Hours : Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Zoolab Visits Wainscot

Zoolab visited us at Wainscot House Day Nursery to bring their very imaginative animal handling workshop, where all the children are given the opportunity to look and touch a range of different animals. As you can see from the pictures below, the children loved the experience.

wainscot zoo-1
wainscot zoo-11
wainscot zoo-13
wainscot zoo-14
wainscot zoo-15
wainscot zoo-16
wainscot zoo-17
wainscot zoo-18
wainscot zoo-2
wainscot zoo-20
wainscot zoo-21
wainscot zoo-23
wainscot zoo-24
wainscot zoo-25
wainscot zoo-26
wainscot zoo-27
wainscot zoo-28
wainscot zoo-29
wainscot zoo-3
wainscot zoo-32
wainscot zoo-33
wainscot zoo-34
wainscot zoo-35
wainscot zoo-36
wainscot zoo-37
wainscot zoo-38
wainscot zoo-39
wainscot zoo-4
wainscot zoo-40
wainscot zoo-41
wainscot zoo-42
wainscot zoo-43
wainscot zoo-44
wainscot zoo-45
wainscot zoo-47
wainscot zoo-48
wainscot zoo-49
wainscot zoo-5
wainscot zoo-50
wainscot zoo-51
wainscot zoo-52
wainscot zoo-53
wainscot zoo-54
wainscot zoo-55
wainscot zoo-56
wainscot zoo-57
wainscot zoo-58
wainscot zoo-59
wainscot zoo-6
wainscot zoo-60
wainscot zoo-61
wainscot zoo-62
wainscot zoo-63
wainscot zoo-64
wainscot zoo-65
wainscot zoo-66
wainscot zoo-7
wainscot zoo-8
wainscot zoo-9